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Hello everyone and welcome! It is an exciting time at the Case Foundation as our new site goes live, representing a year long effort to integrate the latest tools and technologies that can help you stay informed, get engaged and expand your network of friends and associates who -- like you -- want to make a difference. Our new, enhanced design allows us to bring you more valuable content through the scrolling spotlight section at the top of the homepage. There are so many great efforts and initiatives that merit a spotlight and we are delighted that our new site design will let us bring you more compelling stories and opportunities for engagement.

You'll note the box on the right labeled, Feed for Thought -- this is a real-time interactive conversation that draws from feeds and comments on Twitter, Friendfeed, texts, and more. Now we'll have the opportunity to bring you a vast array of perspectives and comments from people across the nation and the world on important matters you care about.

In addition, we've dedicated a box to highlight our Social Citizens efforts. R U a Social Citizen? If you don't know the answer to this question, then take a moment and check out this fun and exciting area. You'll find a quick quiz to get you started and a very active online community that would love to have you!

The space this message is coming from -- the Let's Talk section --  is our new blog space. You'll find regular blogs from Case Foundation staff on timely topics or updates on major initiatives that have our focus. We are personally excited for you to come to know the fun and talented team we have here at the Foundation and have no doubt their unique personalities will shine through as you peruse the blog posts over time. Remember -- this content is not designed to be "all about us" but rather it exists to solicit your thoughts and comments. You can learn more about the blog contributors in the Team area of the About Us section above. We hope to hear from you!

The menu  -- Home, About Us, Blog, Big Ideas and Press -- has been designed to allow better organization of content and tools. I invite you to take a look at the Big Ideas section to get a sense of the strategic initiatives that we don't just support, but we love to talk about because we notice other people grow to feel the same excitement about  the power and potential these initiatives have to make a difference. :) When you return to the homepage, you might want to click on the video at the bottom right -- we think it is among the best holiday messages we've seen this year.

Don't miss the area entitled, Learn our Lingo which has been designed as a helpful guide for those who are new to the Case Foundation site or less familiar with Web 2.0 tools and technologies. If you are wondering what all these icons (Twitter, RSS, FaceBook, etc.) are all about, this area provides a quick explanation and steps on how you can use these web tools to help you connect with others, expand your level of engagement and become an important part of the larger Case Foundation family.

Lastly, it is no coincidence that this site goes live as the holiday season is upon us. It is with great joy that as part of this new site launch we can feature the 2008 Guide to Good Giving. In these challenged times when families are struggling and our community needs are growing, we hope you'll take a moment to peruse this wonderful selection of 50 gifts that give back. Giving should be more than a transaction and these gifts ensure meaning and purpose that last long after the ribbons are cut and boxes opened. Won't you join us and help make this season a time of giving from heart by selecting one or more of the items on the Guide to Good Giving

We hope you'll send your critiques, your kudos or your questions to help us get it right with this new site. Thanks for being here and thanks for being an important part of the Case Foundation!

Jean and Steve Case

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