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It’s no surprise to anyone that Oprah Winfrey tops the list of most charitable celebrities, given her long record of philanthropic contributions. The Giving Back Fund recently released their fourth annual Giving Back 30 report, a list of 30 celebrities who made the largest contributions to charitable organizations in the 2010 calendar year.

While Ms. Winfrey’s generous contribution of $41.4 million made her the premier celebrity giver, in total celebrities have donated more than $79 million to charities in 2010. It may be a surprise to see the other celebrities leading in philanthropy.

The Giving Back 30 list is comprised of authors, actors, artists, athletes, comedians and clothing designers supporting causes as diverse as the careers and the backgrounds of each celebrity. Common themes of supporting the arts, education and health were prevalent throughout the list of benefactors of the celebrity contributions. While author Nora Roberts and actress Meryl Streep rounded out the top three givers, the other celebrities range from Dan “Larry the Cable Guy” Whitney, to Derek Jeter, to Giorgio Armani, to Richard Gere.

The goal of the Giving Back 30 report is to encourage transparency in sports and entertainment philanthropy and to inspire more giving, not only within the sports and entertainment industry, but in the larger community as a whole.

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