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Another year has passed us by, and in just a few hours, we’ll begin a new one, filled with celebrations and challenges, new friends and partnerships, changes and transitions, and discoveries and breakthroughs. When we began 2011, many of the accomplishments of the year were unimaginable, as are the ones to come in 2012.

As we reflect on 365 days of working toward a common goal of doing good in our homes and around the world, we can also look forward to being bigger, faster, and stronger…and to being fearless in all that we do. Come what may, we are poised to leap with confidence and enthusiasm, all with an amazing circle of family and friends, from our teammates, to our partners, and you, our readers and supporters.

So with that, we’d like to share just a few of the New Year’s resolutions from our team, and we encourage you to create and follow your own resolutions for 2012 and beyond.

·       Travel somewhere new, maybe even two places

·       Do more #GoodSpotting, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year

·       Find new ways to challenge ourselves

·       Take the stairs, run a half marathon, and exercise more regularly

·       Run uber-efficient meetings that accomplish a lot in less time

·       Tell family, friends, and coworkers how much we appreciate them – and do it more frequently

·       Play less Lady Gaga on Spotify so as not to annoy officemates 

·       Slow down and enjoy the small things in life

·       Finally learn to knit, and to play the guitar

·       Vote in November and encourage others to do the same

·       Walk to work more frequently

·       Spend more time with and make more memories with family and friends

·       Keep emailing cute and funny pictures of animals to our coworkers

·       Make a conscious effort to learn something new every day


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