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Innovation and Entrepreneurship took the national stage this week as President Obama convened his private sector jobs council and as Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke assembled his Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council. Steve Case was front and center at both meetings as a member of the jobs council, co-chair of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and chair of the Startup America Partnership.

After a busy day in Durham, North Carolina with President Obama, and then another full day back in Washington, DC with Secretary Locke, Steve sat down to tape a quick video update about the progress of both councils efforts to increase competitiveness and spark job creation.



At the Case Foundation, we’re strong believers in creating powerful partnerships and building vibrant networks to produce the greatest social return on investment. That’s why our chairman, Steve Case, and the entire Case Foundation family have been excited to play a role in these new economic development efforts – combining innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, and citizen involvement to keep America’s communities working and growing.

The President’s jobs council meeting presented a plan that could lead to a million new jobs in America within the next three years. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council presented constructive recommendations that will help entrepreneurs easily access capital and speed up the commercialization of university research. And since launching, the Startup America Partnership has announced more than 500 million dollars in private sector commitments to help celebrate, inspire and accelerate high growth entrepreneurship.

As we face one of the most difficult economic downturns in our nation’s history, the Case Foundation and our leadership is firmly committed to working with our government, businesses, non-profits, and citizens across the country to find and nurture new companies that will create jobs, develop innovative social solutions, and invigorate the communities they serve. We look forward to keeping you updated on this work and welcome your ideas on how we can startup America.


The President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness (Jobs Council) was created to provide non-partisan advice to the President on continuing to strengthen the Nation's economy and ensure the competitiveness of the United States and on ways to create jobs, opportunity, and prosperity for the American people.

The Startup America Partnership is an independent, private-sector coalition of major corporations, advisors, funders, service providers and mentors working to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of American entrepreneurs.

The National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE) has been charged by Secretary Locke to identify and recommend ways we as a nation remain the source and home of paradigm changing innovations and the companies that deploy them. NACIE will offer policy recommendations that facilitate economic growth through entrepreneurial activity, the commercialization of new ideas and technologies into high-growth, innovation-based businesses, and job creation. It also serves as a vehicle for ongoing dialogue with the entrepreneurship community and other stakeholders.


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