Make Failure Matter

Failure is commonly associated with quitting. To me, failure is associated with never giving up on a vision. Those who are resilient and continue to work towards their goals, no matter how many times they’ve been told no, are the ones who make failure matter.

Julia started at the Case Foundation in July 2014 after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a B.A. in political science and minors in natural resource conservation and French.

Although Julia is a native to the D.C. area, she has spent a majority of her life living abroad. Growing up as a daughter of a diplomat, Julia and her family have been posted in multiple locations across Europe and the Middle East. She is excited to be back to her “home base” of D.C., but lives for traveling and adapting to new cultures.

Julia is enthusiastic about her role as Office Coordinator. She enjoys working with her passionate colleagues that keep her inspired on a daily basis! Beyond the front desk you can find Julia planning reunions with her college friends, watching the Daily Show, making salad dressing, rediscovering D.C. and living life by the golden rule.