Active Citizenship - Quizzes

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A short quiz on acknowledging and thanking your donors and reporting on their money's impact.
Take this Wall Street Journal quiz and find out who gives, how much they give and whom they give to.
Are you up to the task? Each month ZimNotes will feature a one-question quiz to help ensure you know basic but critical information about fundraising, leadership, boards and other relevant nonprofit areas. Answers will appear both on our website and...
Take this quiz over at Pew Research Center to find out if you're a true "Millennial" - and compare your answers to respondents from a nation-wide scientific survey.
Head over to the History Channel and test your knowledge about United States history, civics and government.
Thinking about volunteering? Take this quiz to discover what kind of service best suits your personality.
Have you been thinking about starting a new volunteering gig, but aren’t quite sure what would be a good fit for you?  Try this quiz and share your results with the WE Volunteer community in the comments, or on the WE Volunteer Facebook Page.
Answer these five simple questions from to discover what kind of volunteer you really are and how you can best give back in your community. Of course, it won't tell you exactly where to volunteer in your city. But what the quiz will...