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Wealth inequality remains a significant and ongoing problem in the United States, and that is rarely more apparent than at tax time. But yet again, we see impact investors stepping up — this time, to rethink not just the “what” of their investments, but the “how.” 


A coalition of 60 private equity firms, banks, and public pension funds are coming together to back Ownership Works, a nonprofit dedicated to helping companies roll out share-ownership programs for all employees, not just c-suite executives. The goal? Building $20 billion in wealth for lower and middle-income employees through their ownership in company stocks. 


We’ve long believed that everyone can and should be given the opportunity to build wealth in ways that align with their values, and we are excited to watch how organizations like Ownership Works and other efforts committed to helping companies engage their employees in new and unique ways can flourish.


When tech entrepreneur Andrey Liscovich heard news of the invasion of Ukraine, he left Silicon Valley and returned to his home country to solve a huge problem: creating an effective supply chain for the goods needed to protect and defend his country. The former startup executive, who came to the United States to get his doctorate at Harvard, told his alma mater that going back was “something that I must do.” Liscovich also said that he is drawing on the “emotional rollercoaster” of his startup experience to weather the chaotic environment: “everyday there is some problem that seems existential and you need to get through the day. You can't allow all these things to create an emotional train wreck inside your head. You need to be able to focus on the fundamentals that you can control and let the chips fall as they may.”


Resilient Blended Finance

A new UN report on financing sustainable development calls for blended finance solutions to help countries in emerging markets recover from the pandemic. Already on board: the IMF, which launched a new $50 billion “resiliency and sustainability trust” to catalyze this capital.
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BA in Impact

The next generation is getting into impact even earlier: Universities are increasingly offering impact investment and social entrepreneurship courses and initiatives for undergraduates, not just business school students.
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A Future for Food

Food Rescue Hero founder Leah Lizarondo is on a mission to use technology to redirect food waste from restaurants to food deserts and food-insecure communities.
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Black Tech Leadership

The Kapor Center’s new report on the Black tech ecosystem has recommendations for increasing racial equity across the tech pipeline.
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Outback Batteries

An Australian state is on the verge of becoming the world’s first fossil fuel-free region. Its grid is now powered entirely by a “zero emissions, zero inertia” electricity system. G’day, green power!
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Virtually Healthy

Telemedicine made huge gains in popularity during the 2020 pandemic. But what’s next for remote health care services? In Harvard Business Review, two experts look at how emerging ideas and technologies in telehealth could make the entire system more equitable and effective.
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