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The importance and urgency of racial justice and equity work continue to ring loudly. We need both the private and public sectors committed to advancing racial justice issues.

This week JUST Capital released their new Corporate Racial Equity Tracker, which follows the commitments that America’s 100 largest employers made on diversity, equity and inclusion and keeps a running tally of the actions they have taken to follow up on those commitments over the past year. The effort reports out on 22 data points across six specific racial equity dimensions, and JUST Capital plans to continue updating the platform. Concrete action to follow through on these commitments is key to making an impact and advancing racial equity in America.

JUST Capital analyzed companies based on their Anti-Discrimination Policies; Pay Equity; Racial/Ethnic Diversity Data; Education and Training Programs; Response to Mass Incarceration; and Community Investments. This holistic analysis starts the hard work needed to show who is “walking the walk” on their statements, and we encourage you to check out the tracker today as well as when it's updated in the future.

Don’t miss our grantee, the Smithsonian, partnering with Bloomberg New Voices for a timely discussion focused on women in science. The discussion features several prominent women scientists about what they’d learned over the last year and their perspective on the path forward.
Female Investors Expect Advisors To Be Informed About ESG
According to new research from RBC Wealth Management, US women are more than twice as likely as men to say it is extremely important that their investments integrate ESG. Data also showed that financial advisors are the top source for such investing information for these women.
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Coalition Calls for White House Initiative on Inclusive Economic Growth
A coalition of impact investors and impact-oriented businesses is advocating to establish a White House initiative focused on inclusive economic growth. The coalition believes an initiative focused on shifting the rules and incentives of American capitalism will “supercharge” the administration’s agenda on other pressing issues.
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How A Young Outsider Turned Failing Vimeo Into A Billion-Dollar Company
CEO Anjali Sud has transformed the near-forgotten Vimeo by shifting its focus to entrepreneurs. Now it’s a $6 billion business that enables both small businesses and large corporations to record, edit and upload videos.
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The State of Black Entrepreneurship
At a recent SXSW virtual panel, panelists discussed opportunities for systemic changes that would allow more people of color to be full participants in entrepreneurship and the economy.
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How the “Black Tax” Affects So Many Families
It’s not uncommon for Black Americans who “make it” to help family members financially. On top of systemic racial barriers, this obligation makes it difficult for more affluent Black Americans to continue wealth building.
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Should Gig Work Be Government-Run?
Labor reformer Wingham Rowan wants to reimagine labor markets for the digital age. He proposes creating markets for gig work that are run as public utilities by non-profits and governments instead of private companies.
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