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As cherry blossoms reach peak bloom in our hometown of Washington, DC, we’re reminded that spring comes with a strong sense of renewal. While we aren’t out of the weeds yet, many are feeling reenergized to reset and plan how we can be fearless in taking our bold ideas forward.

As you think about how you can be a changemaker in your community, you may find Jean Case’s five Be Fearless principles for a life of breakthroughs and purpose helpful. Wishing everyone luck in their fearless endeavors!

  1. MAKE BIG BETS & MAKE HISTORY People can be naturally cautious. They look at what’s worked in the past and try to do more of it, but history-making transformation happens when people strive for revolutionary change.
  2. BE BOLD, TAKE RISKS Have the courage to try new, unproven things and the rigor to continue experimenting. Risk-taking isn’t a blind leap, but a process of trial and error.
  3. MAKE FAILURE MATTER No one seeks out failure, but if you’re trying new things, the outcome is uncertain. Great innovators make setbacks matter, applying lessons learned and sharing them with others.
  4. REACH BEYOND YOUR BUBBLE Innovation happens at intersections. Great and original solutions come from engaging with people with diverse experiences to forge unexpected partnerships.
  5. LET URGENCY CONQUER FEAR Don’t overthink it. It’s natural to want to study all angles of a problem, but don’t get caught up in the fear of what could go wrong—allow the need to act to outweigh doubts.
Young changemakers are leading the way on many pressing issues. Sophia Kianni, a National Geographic Young Explorer, founded an organization for global volunteers to translate climate science and research in an effort to break down language barriers.
Webinar: Re-Imagining Capitalism for Our Future
Join an April 20th webinar with Darren Walker, Ford Foundation’s President, and Amit Bouri, GIIN’s CEO. Participants will also choose from five live breakout sessions to share and receive insights, lessons learned, and practical takeaways with impact investors from around the world.
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ESG Investing is a New Reality That Will Only Get Bigger
As with many movements, as interest and funds increase to environmental, social, and governance investing, skeptics are getting more prominent, but experts say that shouldn’t deter investors with a sustainable investing mindset.
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Uplifting Traditional Chinese Medicine Through Luxury Skincare
Angela Chau Gray and Dr. Ervina Wu are co-founders of Yina, a luxury skincare line and they’ve persevered through a lot to find success. Wu noted, “We have been approached by a few Chinese Medicine brands for so-called partnerships. These brands literally wanted our ideas and products for free, and they also happened to be owned by white founders with no qualifications in Chinese Medicine. When we called them out, they ghosted us.”
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Harlem Capital, Rare Black-Led VC Firm, Raises $134 Million Second Fund
When Henri Pierre-Jacques and Jarrid Tingle raised their first venture capital fund of $40 million in 2018, they had to convince many that investing in diversity made business sense. Harlem Capital’s managing partners had a very different experience in the fall of 2020 when they set out to raise Fund II.
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10 Companies with New Women in Leadership in 2021
Crunchbase highlights a few BIPOC women in new leadership positions at some of the top-funded companies in 2021.
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More Women Turning to Investing During the Pandemic
Federal Reserve data shows that stock ownership has gotten younger and more diverse, and experts say that the pandemic has pushed a lot of women to more actively manage their finances.
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