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While the eclipse may have darkened the world for a bit yesterday (albeit in a fun way), we’re here to bring some brightness into your week with some positive developments we’ve been tracking across the impact investing and inclusive entrepreneurship landscape.

With Earth Day right around the corner (April 22!), we’re thrilled to see so many exciting innovations in the cleantech sector. Case in point: Time’s Top Greentech Companies 2024 showcases how sustainability-focused companies are emerging as a beacon of hope for investors, workers, and the planet.

Recent reports show many investors increasingly see the value of being part of the solution to environmental challenges, pouring capital into water techclean energy, and biodiversity.

We share more good news below, including stories that show how resilience and a commitment to doing good can yield success.

Overcoming Barriers to Democratize Financial Assistance
Personal experience opened Guy Assad’s eyes to a major challenge faced by many American families, particularly households of color. After helping his family manage the medical debt amassed after his father’s cancer diagnosis, Assad saw the urgent need to democratize financial assistance. He founded Clerkie, which uses technology and AI automation to minimize the complexity of debt for everyday people.

"When I emigrated to the US, I was shocked by how many people around me, including myself, were trapped in this cycle of financial instability. That experience is one that is deeply personal to me, so it was only natural for me to want to help others tackle this problem," he said in 2019 when announcing Clerkie’s seed funding.

As a Black founder, Assad has encountered his share of challenges. Even with an MBA from Stanford Business School and a track record as a McKinsey consultant, he faced discrimination when trying to get funding from a well-known venture capitalist firm.

Assad did not let that stop him. As Inc. recently reported, he had more resolve to overcome some of the barriers to entry in the tech landscape. Clerkie has raised $41 million to date and is continuing on its mission to ease debt burdens. We’re excited to see the impact Assad and Clerkie make in the years to come.
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Infrastructure Investors Seek to Create a Cleaner, Greener Planet
Infrastructure Investor’s 2024 Impact Investing report shows the sector is “taking seriously its pivotal role in creating a cleaner, greener planet, and shaping stronger and more equitable communities across the globe.” While impact fundraising was down last year, some experts say that is most likely a reflection of the challenging geopolitical and macroeconomic backdrop. Overall, these experts claim the outlook looks bright, given that 80% of institutional investors said impact investing outperformed or aligned with financial expectations.
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Spotlighting Impact Fund Managers

For evidence of the impact investing industry’s maturation and growth, look no further than the latest Impact Assets 50, a database of fund managers representing a wide range of geographies, sectors, and asset classes. This year’s list includes 155 experienced and emerging impact funds representing $97 billion in assets, culled from a record number of submissions.
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From Underdog to Unicorn

New research from Defiance Capital provides a fascinating and stereotype-busting glimpse into what it takes to build a company worth over $1 billion. The Unicorn Founder DNA Report examined 845 unicorns and 2,018 unicorn founders from the US and UK, finding that 70% of unicorns have “underdog founders” — meaning immigrants, women, and people of color. 

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Celebrating Innovative Companies
Fast Company’s ranking of the world’s Most Innovative Companies is sure to inspire budding entrepreneurs — especially if you zero in on the small companies and businesses making a positive social impact, like we did. We were excited to see several companies led by women and other underrepresented founders on this year’s ranking, including Folx Health, Trusaic, Sorcero, MiraTinkercastHalo, and Atma Global.
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Building Community Through Philanthropy

What’s the fastest-growing form of philanthropy in America? Collective giving — where individuals pool their funds and decide how to allocate it together. A new report shows the number of giving circles tripled between 2007 and 2016, and then tripled again between 2016 and 2023.

Overwhelmingly led by women, these groups tend to support local institutions. In addition to helping their communities, members reported significant improvement in their physical, mental, and spiritual health after joining giving circles — confirming the wide-ranging benefits of doing good.
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