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We are living in an extraordinary time in which the idea that capital and business can play a strong role in strengthening our society and our environment is coming to life. Ahead of yesterday’s global summit on climate change more than 300 businesses, including Google, McDonald’s and Walmart, came together to urge the Biden administration to nearly double the US’s target for cuts to planet-warming emissions.

After long avoiding direct engagement on sustainability policy, these businesses are seeing the consequences of climate change in their communities and for their businesses, are adjusting their business practices to incorporate climate risk into their thinking and better aligning themselves with all stakeholders. Interestingly, companies are also finding that aligning purpose and profit doesn’t have to be concessionary and that shareholders, along with their stakeholders, are supportive.

In fact, this week, our team reviewed the 1-year returns for all companies that received an “A” from the CDP for their sustainability disclosure and action. We found that all but one of the publicly traded companies on that list had positive gains in the stock market last year. However, last year was definitely not business-as-usual, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how that correlation develops as time goes on (slight spoiler: things were looking pretty good on 5-year returns too). 

This week’s historic step towards police accountability was the result of changemakers like Darnella Frazier, who recorded a video of George Floyd’s murder. We must continue acting, not just reacting, to break down the elements of systemic racism within our communities and nation.
Family Foundation Seeks to Align Investments with Values
The family behind the Nathan Cummings Foundation agreed four years ago to invest more of the endowment in social justice causes. In a new report, the foundation shares lessons learned for other organizations that want to follow in their footsteps.
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A Checklist to Begin ESG Investing
Samantha Lamas, a Behavioral Researcher at Morningstar, recommends building out a checklist to help you start investing with ESG in mind. Read how to build a portfolio that reflects your values in five steps.
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A Chinese American Entrepreneur on Anti-Asian Bias in the Pandemic
Celine Tien is the co-founder and CEO of Flowly, an app that uses virtual reality experiences and biofeedback, such as heart rate, to help people better regulate chronic pain and anxiety. The pandemic has brought opportunity for Tien’s startup, but it’s also laid bare the anti-Asian bias she has experienced since moving to the US.
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The Reality of Millennial Spending Habits
Our research of over 150,000 millennials saw that the narrative of millennials as avocado toast-loving, latte-swilling spendthrifts isn’t accurate. They're everyday changemakers who use their tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, and independent-mindedness to change the way change is made. Dive into our research here!
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Bloomberg Green Summit, April 26-27
Next week Jean Case joins two National Geographic Explorers to discuss how we can illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. Tune into more Bloomberg panels with Justin Trudeau, Al Gore, CEOs of BlackRock, Dow, Ralph Lauren and others to continue learning how we can build a net-zero economy and call for real climate action.

Register for a complimentary "Live Talks" pass or (special for Breaking Good readers!) use Promo Code BGOOD50 for 50% off a premium pass.
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A Short Guide to Impact Investing
On Earth Day and all year long, we encourage investors — from institutional to retail, experienced to novice — to explore the ways your capital can be leveraged to support the environment. Check out our Short Guide to Impact Investing to get started!
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