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One hundred and one years ago, the 19th Amendment was finally ratified, giving women the right to vote (although women of color have been denied the exercise of that right for much longer). So, as we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we also recognize there’s a lot of work to be done to close gender gaps — especially for women of color. In acknowledgment of that continuing push for positive change, and with an eye toward the role entrepreneurship can play in this, we’ve featured stories of women fearlessly supporting other women. 

  • The first Black woman millionaire, Madam CJ Walker, saw that women working together could make a huge impact. During her work creating a successful beauty empire, Madam CJ Walker brought 20,000 other African American women into entrepreneurship.  

  • Sports Illustrated celebrates some of the most powerful, most influential, and most outstanding women in sports. These changemakers are speaking out, setting the bar, and making a difference for other women.

  • Check out the life and legacy of Congressmember and lawyer Bella Abzug who introduced the resolution to designate August 26th as Women's Equality Day.
  • One of the Smithsonian’s newest endeavors, the American Women’s History Museum will illuminate the essential contributions women have made to our nation. The museum’s board was just announced with an impressive group of leaders, including our CEO Jean Case, dedicated to bringing the Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum to life!
LinkedIn asked professionals what they wished they had understood when they were young, and most answers had strong Be Fearless vibes. “Simply start,” “Make mistakes,” and “Don’t be afraid to explore.”
Four Questions Every Investor Should Ask Amid Dramatic Climate Warnings
An increasing number of investors are electing to put their capital behind companies and in funds that are taking action to fight climate change and work toward a net zero emissions future. Check out these four key questions to vet the climate commitments of current and potential investments.
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Pay Discrepancies for Women Board Members at FTSE 100 Companies
Looking at board representation is one way investors evaluate a company’s commitment to diversity. However, raw numbers alone aren’t enough. New data indicates that women board members at the UK’s largest companies are paid about 40% less than their male counterparts.
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2021 Unicorn Startups Founded By Women
Crunchbase compiled a list of the 21 US female-founded new unicorns. About half are US companies, with the rest spread across continents. They represent sectors from e-commerce to blockchain to biotech.
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Start-Up Boom in the Pandemic Is Growing Stronger
After declining for decades, applications to start businesses surged last year. And there is some evidence that founders of new businesses over the past 18 months are more likely to be women and more likely to be Black or Hispanic than in previous periods. If the majority of these applications turn into real-world businesses, it could provide a more resilient economy.
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IKEA Adds to Renewable Energy Momentum
IKEA will start selling renewable energy to households in Sweden as part of the company’s aim to be "climate positive" by 2030. This means the company is looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than is emitted by the entire IKEA value chain — from raw material production to customers' disposal of their furniture.
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What’s the Status of Stakeholder Capitalism?
It’s been two years since companies signed the Business Roundtable pledge. Peter Georgescu and Martin Whittaker, both leaders at JUST Capital, argue that, on average, the signatories are treating stakeholders better than their peers and that stakeholder capitalism is the best path to long-term, widespread prosperity and a stable democratic way of life.
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