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As our communities continue to grapple with pressing and important conversations around racial injustice, natural disasters, and public health, our team along with countless others across the country has doubled-down to continue our work supporting our communities. As our weekly readers know, we’ve long been focused on ensuring entrepreneurs—across every race, place or gender—have equal access to funding and resources. We’re so honored to have so many tune in to the data and stories showcasing the talent of entrepreneurs of color we feature here.

We will continue to bring inspiring and authentic stories to life and provide links to resources that fearless entrepreneurs and changemakers can use for support and inspiration. This work is more important than it has ever been and we hope each and every one of you will be inspired to seek to make a difference in our communities, and then hold ourselves and each other accountable for action in the days ahead.

As Jane Goodall said in the introduction of Jean Case’s bestseller Be Fearless, “There is no point in history when it has been more important to Be Fearless, overcome our acceptance of the status quo, and for each of us to step up and take action to make a difference in our world.” We look forward to seeing the impact each of you can make.
We’ve separately showcased the fearless work of World Central Kitchen and Team Rubicon, but did you know that they often work together to help communities get back on their feet after crises? The teams are currently coordinating to get meals to first responders battling California’s wildfires.
Calling For ESG Strategies Based on Solutions
As ESG investing grows, Harvard University professor George Serafeim argues that corporate leaders need to move past the “check the box” thinking on ESG and embrace an ambitious and differentiated ESG strategy if they want to see real financial dividends and create lasting value for companies and stakeholders.
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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Is Growing Up
Sustainability information provided by companies has rarely been comparable, timely or consistent year-to-year, but that’s quickly changing. While companies aren’t always required by regulators to report their greenhouse gas emissions, human rights records and wastewater management, investors are pushing them for this information at a faster clip.
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Black Venture Capitalists Confront Silicon Valley’s Quiet Racism
Black VCs underscore the difficulty of making a difference in an industry that often ignores racial inequality; the frustrations of seeking to be recognized for their work irrespective of race; and the internal conflict many face over whether they’re creating enough opportunities for those following in their footsteps.
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Female Founders Anticipate a Tougher Recovery than Male Peers
New data from the US Chamber of Commerce shows that while male and female business owners both said in Q1 that they expected revenue to rise in 2021, the past several months of the pandemic have created a gap in expectations.
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First Woman Voter
Many extraordinary women across the US, including Gayle King, Jean Case, Madeleine Albright, and Anita McBride, celebrate Women’s Equality Day with their #FirstWomanVoter story. What's the story of the first woman voter in your family?
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You’re Invited: The Nature of Nature
Enric Sala is a former university professor who saw himself writing the obituary of ocean life, so he quit academia to become a full-time conservationist as a National Geographic Explorer in Residence. Hear his thoughts on how to protect the natural world at the virtual launch of his book, The Nature of Nature, on August 30 at 5pm ET by registering for National Geographic’s free event.
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