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As companies continue to navigate the economic impacts of the pandemic, many will be forced to close their doors. However, companies certified as B Corporations may have a reason to be optimistic. Data shows that businesses focused on stakeholder governance tend to be more resilient than others. Nell Derick Debevoise, founder and CEO of B Corp Inspiring Capital, recently noted in Forbes, “in the last financial crisis, certified B Corps were 63% more likely to survive than other businesses of similar size.”


And as professor and author Christopher Marquis writes in a new B The Change blog post, by incorporating purpose alongside profit, B Corps have a strong competitive advantage during both crisis and calm—especially as stakeholders increasingly hold businesses to higher standards. 

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Kudos to GivingTuesday! They just launched the Starling Collective—a new global learning collaborative along with $250,000 in microgrants to develop innovative approaches to generosity.
Impact Investing & ESG: Combining Strategies to Achieve Greater Impact
Click to read how Impact Engine is incorporating some of the best practices from the ESG industry while making adjustments for the firm’s objectives and focus on product-based impact business strategies.
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Investors Pour Money into “Passive” ESG Funds
Net inflows to low-cost, passively managed ESG funds totaled $12.7 billion in 2019, compared to $8.7 billion for their actively managed counterparts. What’s more, passive ESG funds analyzed by Morningstar outperformed active ESG funds in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.
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Entrepreneurs Are Trying to Reduce the Stress of Back-to-School
Throughout the pandemic, Zum Services has been delivering homework, laptops and lunches to homebound students. Now, as schools consider reopening, founder and CEO Ritu Narayan is working with districts on how to best convey those students to their socially distanced classrooms.
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Rejected by 86 Investors Before Hearing a Single Yes
As a Black female entrepreneur, Denise Woodard knows about being fearless. While still working a day job in 2016, Woodard launched Partake Foods, a maker of allergen-free cookies. Now, after years of fits and starts, she’s seeing a surge in sales. Read her advice for other founders of color.
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What Corporations Can Do to Actually Make a Difference
Darren Walker notes that in response to national conversations on racial justice, the usual corporate response—issue a statement, gather a group of Black leaders for a call, give a hefty grant, resume business as usual—isn’t going to work. Read his list of nine things every corporate leader can do to really improve Black lives.
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Crisis as Catalyst: A Conversation Starter for Reimagining What’s Next
Our friends at PACE partnered with CSR Communications to develop a resource challenging us to rethink how to support civil society institutions during disaster response and re-imagine the role those institutions could play in strengthening civic and community health in recovery, mitigation, and preparedness.
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