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In recent years, data supporting increased business outcomes from increased diversity, the California law that compelled corporate board diversity and increasing public pressure caused some companies to add more female and non-white directors to their board. 


The recent calls for racial justice have further intensified scrutiny on corporate diversity at every level. And rightly so. Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) data shows that Black directors accounted for just 4.1% of all board seats in the broader Russell 3000 index last year, falling far short of alignment with US demographics. Additionally, across S&P 500 corporate boards, only 26% of directors are women. And the companies featured in these reports are high profile public companies — less scrutinized boards post even smaller numbers. For example, only 10% of joint venture board directors are women.

However, Ariel Investments co-CEO and president Mellody Hobson makes it clear that change is not only possible, but it also makes good business sense. She calls on corporations to play an active role in increasing diversity across their companies and supply chains. Watch her conversation with Stephanie Ruhle on how corporations should set targets and incentivize concrete outcomes.

"Some people don’t like to admit that they have failed or that they have not yet achieved their goals or lived up to their own expectations. But failure is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are alive and growing."
- Buzz Aldrin
Fifty-one years ago, the Apollo 11 crew made history landing humans on the moon.
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VC Firms Pushed to Take HBCUs as LPs
All those acronyms may be hard to follow, but the news is clear: a group of Black venture capital managers are pressing Silicon Valley’s largest firms to commit to including historically Black colleges and universities among their limited partners, the institutions and individuals that provide capital to VC funds and reap the returns.
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Scrubs Retailer Is Serving Those Who Serve Others
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Founders Out Front
Digitalundivided celebrates resiliency and innovation with their new Founders Out Front initiative. The series is a visual experience commemorating the strength, tenacity and ingenuity exemplified by Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs.
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How To Change The World
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Venture Forward
For too long, the VC world has not given women and people of color a seat at the table. The National Venture Capital Association’s new initiative is a step in the right direction.
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