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In the last two years alone, inflows into ESG funds grew 10x to $51.1 billion. And the best news for investors? An expanding body of data reports that ESG investments actually outperform, such as in 2020, when 25 of the 26 ESG equity index funds tracked by investment researcher Morningstar beat the benchmark for their category.

If you’re interested in investing for impact, it’s essential to start right where you are to build knowledge and confidence to maximize the impact of your investment capital. Whether you’re sitting on the sidelines or just dipping a toe in the water of values-aligned investing, read Jean Case’s latest piece in MarketWatch to dive deeper into this impact investing pioneer’s top three pieces of advice for maximizing the impact of your investment capital.

  1. Define what matters. Many investors start with what is termed “screening” to ensure they both include (positive screening) and exclude (negative screening) certain types of investments to more closely align with their values. 

  2. Pick a trading platform or advisor. A respected trading platform offering sustainable investing options or a professional advisor can help you build the confidence and security of knowing investing professionals are monitoring both the performance and risks of the investments you make.

  3. Follow the data. It’s vital to look for transparency in intention, measurement, and reporting of ESG factors to determine if a company or fund is authentic in its ESG or impact claims.

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