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The last year devastated women’s participation in the American workforce, with 3.8 million lost jobs since the pandemic began. And while recent job numbers are showing signs of recovery, women and people of color are missing out on recent wage and job growth. So, how can we be changemakers in modernizing the American workforce to create a more equitable recovery for women and workers of color?

This week JUST Capital hosted an amazing fireside chat with Jean Case and Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO and President of Ariel Investments, to explore that question. They discuss how we can address the needs of women and workers of color in a post-pandemic workforce and why CEOs and boards need to make a diverse workforce a long-term company-wide priority — not only because it is the right thing to do but because it is good for business.

Watch now and feel free to hit reply with your thoughts.

In celebration of Disability Pride Month, see this National Geographic video highlighting important milestones for the Disabled Community.
Have a Powerful Impact on Your Portfolio and the Planet
No matter where you are in your investing journey, it's vital to learn more about the expertise, tools, and resources available to help you maximize the positive impact of your capital. Check out these three pieces of advice for maximizing the impact of your investment capital.
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Billions Go to Climate Funds
There were two big announcements in climate funding this week. Growth equity and buyout investor TPG announced it raised $5.4 billion to invest in climate solutions, while Brookfield Asset Management noted it raised $7 billion upon the first close of its fund aimed at companies seeking to reach carbon neutrality.
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Online Launches May Give Black-run Businesses a Better Chance
Entrepreneur Ken Okoroafor shares his startup story and why he believes launching online has been an equalizer. While operating online doesn’t solve everything for Black entrepreneurs, Okoroafor believes it removes some barriers to entry, reduces prejudice and creates the right conditions for the issues, such as funding, to be addressed over time.
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All Raise Launches New Virtual Bootcamp
There’s currently a huge influx of capital in the startup ecosystem, but it isn’t being evenly distributed to all founders. In response, All Raise launched a new product for women and nonbinary founders. The series of master classes focuses on raising first institutional rounds and scaling companies and is free for anyone interested.
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The Reality of Building Wealth as a Black Founder
Entrepreneurship and building scalable businesses is a historical way to build wealth and security. However, systemic barriers have largely prevented Black entrepreneurship and, in turn, wealth creation. One way to change this dynamic is to support wealth-creating Black-owned businesses.
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Key Takeaways From the Climate Meeting Kicking Off This Week
More than 200 of the world's leading climate scientists are finalizing a landmark report summarizing how Earth's climate has already changed and what humans can expect for the rest of the century. The new report will be a crucial document for changemakers in the space.
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