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Today, there is an explosion of interest in using investment capital to align with values. In the last two years, inflows into ESG funds had a 10-fold growth to $51.1 billion. And the best news for investors? An expanding body of data reports that ESG investments actually outperform, such as in 2020, when 25 of the 26 ESG equity index funds tracked by Morningstar beat the benchmark for their category.

Jean Case breaks down these data points during her recent conversation with Steve Clemons at The Hill’s “ESG + Corporate Responsibility in America” event. She notes that many are feeling empowered and asking, “How can I use my capital to do much more than just give me a financial return?” Watch the short segment to learn more about the momentum in ESG and impact investing.

Wally Funk is a member of the “Mercury 13” group of astronauts who trained privately for space travel after being denied the chance by NASA due to gender discrimination. She is now — at 82-years old — set to achieve her dreams aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. 
Ask the Experts: Understanding Sustainable Finance
The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University brought together an esteemed group of impact investing experts to talk about the business vs. moral rationale, explore the future of sustainable investing, and unpack the various approaches to ESG investing goals.
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Without Clear Standards, ESG Funds Remain’ Buyer Beware’
Right now, it’s up to the investor to scour the data to see if a fund has earned the ESG label. Leaders in the space are highlighting the need for clear, consistent systems that inject more transparency, measurement, and standards into this rapidly growing movement.
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Advice for Landing Investors
Anu Duggal, a founding partner of Female Founders Fund, talks about what it takes for startups with women at the helm to get venture funding today. She advises entrepreneurs to find the product-market fit, focus on crafting an authentic story, and explain why the company is uniquely situated to solve the problem.
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To Support Today’s Entrepreneurs, Innovators in Finance Need to Step Up
In juxtaposition to the article above, it’s important to remember that startups get a tiny piece of the VC funding pie. Authors Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride write about today’s diverse entrepreneurs and note four promising directions in finance innovation that could help the vast majority of entrepreneurs who aren’t getting funding.
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How to Build a Conscious Portfolio
A 2019 study showed 95% of millennials are “interested” in using their investments for good, but many aren’t sure where to turn for guidance. For this next generation of investors — and anyone interested in learning more about investing with purpose — start by learning the basics with this 101 guide.
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Helping Women Advance in the Workplace
As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, many large-scale changes are needed for an equitable recovery for women. In the meantime, our CEO Jean Case encourages women to be all they can.
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