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If sunlight is the best disinfectant, then climate finance may be about to get quite a scrubbing: this week, the SEC announced new climate-related standards for corporate disclosures. If approved after a 60-day comment period, the changes—which some are calling the most comprehensive upgrade of corporate disclosures in decades—will require companies who register with the SEC to include a wide range of climate-related disclosures in their annual and quarterly reports. In certain cases, the SEC will also require third-party verification of the emissions and environmental data used to back up many corporate environmental pledges.

The growing recognition that climate change is a risk to the bottom line, not just to people and the planet, shows how much progress advocates from all sectors have made in changing the way we think about the economic risks, costs, and opportunities of reducing emissions. Accountability starts with transparency, and these new rules will improve access to the information that investors and consumers need to understand a company's actions and whether they match the climate promises and pledges they make.

Whenever engineer Anastasia Kraft's mostly-male team made impromptu visits to the factory floor, she had to scramble to change from office-friendly shoes into clunky protective boots made to fit men's feet. Tired of literally falling behind in the process, Kraft designed a line of steel-toed boots for women that meet safety (and sustainability) standards for restricted work sites like hers without sacrificing style. Here's to kicking down even more doors for women in STEM.


Asset Managers for Impact

The ImpactAssets 50 recognizes established and emerging impact fund managers. The 2022 list includes 143 funds with $117 billion in assets under management, a growing number of women and people of color, and lots of interest in clean tech investments.
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Change by Proxy

Now more than ever, shareholders want to see companies step up. A record-breaking 529 ESG-related shareholder resolutions have been filed, with more than 300 expected to get put to a vote during the 2022 proxy season.
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WISE Women

From the founder of a Scottish “remarkery” that offers job training via reusable materials to the head of an affordable special needs tutoring service modeled on Oxbridge, here are the 100 extraordinary female social entrepreneurs named to the UK’s annual WISE100 list.
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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

As Women's History Month comes to a close, Assistant SBA Administrator Natalie Mederia Cofield explains why women entrepreneurs are critical to America's economy year-round.
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Guitar Heroines

Why make sourdough when you can jam? Sales of Fender electric guitars—known for their appeal to male rockers from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White—spiked during the pandemic lockdown, mostly thanks to female first-time guitarists.
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A Bean-Free Buzz
“Molecular coffee” is made from upcycled ingredients like palm date pits (which are more likely to thrive on a warming planet) that gives its drinkers a tasty caffeine boost without the carbon footprint.
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