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The stories of humanitarian heroism emerging from Ukraine are inspiring hope in the face of violence and conflict, from the remarkable leadership of Ukrainian President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine to the brave reporters bearing witness on the ground. 


Amongst the volatility that we’ve seen in the markets, another hopeful story may be emerging: the new financial sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s invasion have led to a shift of capital out of Russian-owned oil and gas stocks and toward green energy and good governance


This shift is possible because of the groundwork laid by the growth and mainstreaming of impact investing and ESG, as well as the many years of investment in alternative energy sources. While we monitor this acceleration of capital and its multilateral impacts, we also keep our eyes and our thoughts on Ukraine and the unbearable impact of war.


Be Fearless readers are already familiar with José Andrés and his extraordinary work to feed hungry people impacted by disasters. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the DC-based celebrity chef and his World Central Kitchen team went to Ukraine, where they continue to serve hot meals to people displaced by the violence. “I always say whenever there is a fight, hungry people will eat. Well, here is a fight,” Andrés said in a recent video message from the border. “We are going to make sure that nobody’s going hungry and we show the respect they deserve.”

New Tools for Gender Lens Investing
Just in time for International Women’s Day, GenderSmart released a new Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Investing Toolkit, designed to help investors around the world apply an intersectional gender lens to their portfolios.
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Growing Impact Commitments

A new investor survey conducted by global asset manager Schroders shows that interest in and commitments to ESG factors in investments significantly increased as a result of the pandemic. The biggest jump was among younger investors.
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has displaced a lot of tech talent — but #techforgood leaders around the world are setting up platforms to connect these workers with startups that can leverage their skills.
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Checklist for Change

Harlem Capital’s Henri Pierre-Jacques explains what his VC firm looks for in entrepreneurs as they seek to achieve an ambitious goal: investing in 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years.
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Financial Education for Women

The nonprofit Invest for Better helps women take control of their financial education through peer-led Circles that center values-aligned approaches to money and investment. Interested? They’re recruiting a new cohort of Circle leaders.
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A Quieter Future of Work
The transition from remote work to office life is especially challenging for introverts. Here are some ways to honor their unique needs and contributions during the Great Return.
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