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We stand in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities who continue to be targeted with hateful actions and speech across our nation and abroad. Hate has no place in humanity, and we must all join together to stomp it out at its root in every corner and community. We encourage you to engage with and support the leaders who are the beacons of change and the light that is needed during this dark time.



In a first-of-its-kind study, National Geographic Explorer in Residence and Pristine Seas founder Enric Sala and his team share a blueprint for ramping up ocean protections by at least 30% by 2030. This could increase biodiversity, boost seafood production and reduce carbon emissions.
Nike & Chipotle Tie Executive Compensation to ESG Metrics
In another example of the continuing momentum around Stakeholder Capitalism, it’s great to see companies such as Nike and Chipotle linking executive compensation to diversity and sustainability goals.
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The Next 10 Years of Impact Investment
To get an idea of where impact investment might be headed over the next decade, experts examine where the field has been in three areas that play a significant role in its goals and practices: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Climate; and Measurement and Management Tools.
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To Help Black Developers, Programs Start With Access to Capital
Many large banks have announced initiatives totaling billions of dollars that largely focus on communities and entrepreneurs of color. Some funding is earmarked for affordable housing and commercial development in low-income communities. Analysts argue that to redress the industry’s racial imbalance, the funds need to be carefully designed so that more of the money winds up in the hands of Black developers.
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Rewards for Supporting Women-Owned Businesses
For anyone looking to “vote with your wallet,” there’s a new credit card that rewards cardholders with a monthly 3% refund on purchases made at more than 1 million women-owned or women-led businesses to consider. The credit card also evaluates applicants' cash flow instead of credit report-based FICO scores, with the expectation that this model will deem more women to be creditworthy.
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Racial Diversity Still Lacking Among Russell 3000 Board Members
According to a BoardProspects report, 60% of companies included in the Russell 3000 have no Black board members and only 5.4% of the nearly 27,000 board seats at companies included in the index are held by Black board members. However, the report notes a significant increase in appointments of Black board members in the second half of 2020.
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A Brief History of Women and Investing in America
From even the earliest days of our nation, women have been breaking through or creatively getting around the barriers, excluding them from the investing profession and financial industry.
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