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This year Equal Pay Day fell on Wednesday, March 24th — signifying the date the “average” women must work into the following year to equal what men earned the previous year.

For a pointed and refreshing take on Equal Pay Day — especially in the context of women’s disproportionate caregiving burdens during the pandemic — we recommend this article in Marie Claire by Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest. She pushes back against many of the “celebrations” of this year’s slightly smaller pay gap and general women empowerment messaging. Instead, Sallie focuses on real steps we can take to address the very significant gender wealth, investing and debt gaps.

Looking at these gaps holistically is key especially given that one in five women have left the workforce during the pandemic. Now is the time for individuals, organizations and companies to reach outside our bubbles to support women and find the innovative solutions they need. As Sallie said, we can’t change things if we work alone.

"Don't sit down and wait for opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” - Madam CJ Walker, the first Black woman millionaire in the US.
How Do You Measure the Future?
Bloomberg’s Climate Transition Scores is one tool for investors and policymakers to rank companies against each other on climate change commitments. The scores are a testament not to today’s corporate commitments, but to their plans for a future that will necessitate much lower greenhouse gas emissions.
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How Companies Are Tying Executive Pay to ESG Goals
Following the lead of early adopters like Verizon, a growing number of companies — from Chipotle and Mastercard to Intel and Starbucks — are announcing new policies that tie executive compensation to diversity, sustainability and ESG goals. We will continue to watch to see if a wider range of companies adopts these Stakeholder Capitalism-focused policies.
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Funding Women Entrepreneurs
BBG Ventures, a firm dedicated to backing consumer startups with at least one woman on their founding teams, just closed a $50 million early-stage fund for women founders. This is a hopeful sign for women founders after a year that disproportionately harmed women’s finances broadly and within the startup ecosystem.
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One Key to Fostering Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Corporate venture capital teams control 25% of US venture capital activity and accelerate hundreds of startups a year, but it’s largely an untapped resource. Corporations can offer founders their global networks of customers, partners and salespeople who can rapidly increase demand for a startup’s product, especially when coupled with the corporation’s own purchasing power.
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Podcast: Women on the Move
Jean Case recently joined Samantha Saperstein on the Women on the Move podcast to share insights on how and why companies are at their best when they fund women and fearless approaches to reinventing business.
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The Lost Art of Connecting
Now more than ever, it’s crucial to reach beyond our bubbles to ensure we have the multi-faceted view we need to succeed. Founder and CEO Susan McPherson’s book The Lost Art of Connecting is a great resource for those looking to make meaningful connections.
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