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One of the key learnings we took away from a decade of research on millennials is to be wary of broad generalizations of this group of over 80 million individuals. Insights that push past “avocado toast” headlines are valuable and much needed to understand the nuances of this broad group.

New data analyzed by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis does just that. It found that while some millennials’ finances have increased in recent years, others have fallen further behind what previous generations had in wealth at the same age.

One segment that fell further behind? Black millennials. Wealth building comes in many forms — entrepreneurship, investing, homeownership, career growth — and Black Americans face institutional racism in every area. The Federal Reserve’s data showed that they didn’t just fall further behind white millennials in building wealth for themselves and their families; Black millennials are also falling further behind what previous Black generations amassed in wealth.

Read the full report for more insights and data analysis.

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