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The United States is one of few developed countries without a significant caregiving infrastructure, and during the pandemic, working parents (especially working mothers) have struggled to balance their professional ambitions with caregiving demands. Many leaders have urged companies to be innovative in their support of caregiving, and many have risen to the challenge.

More than 200 businesses — including McDonald's, Spotify, Levi Strauss, JPMorgan, and Pixar — have joined the new Care Economy Business Council, a group organized by Time's Up. Supporting working caregivers is an important way companies can support their employees. As the JPMorgan spokesperson noted, “[Caregivers] face a crisis that has been brewing for decades, particularly among working women who cannot fully achieve workplace equity without a major shift in how businesses support them.”

While there's no caregiving employee benefit minimum a business must meet to join the group, Time's Up is asking all signatories to help support caregivers at work; to rally investment in solutions to fix this year's caregiving crisis; to advocate for public policy changes, and to shift the cultural narrative about who is responsible for care. While there is a long way to go in this campaign, it’s exciting to see so many companies coming together with Time’s Up to tackle this important issue.

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