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The Milken Institute Global Conference is arguably one of the most influential financial conferences in the world, and just a few weeks ago, our CEO Jean Case was a speaker there.

As Jean talked to conference attendees, it became eminently clear that financial sector leaders see a not-so-quiet tsunami approaching, and they are all scrambling to prepare. Pointedly, they know today's millennials and Gen Z are a growing force in investing. These new generations are driving their capital to new frontiers, on new platforms, with new priorities including social impact. The financial sector recognizes that they must begin to adapt accordingly or get left behind.

For those in the financial industry who embrace these changes, there is a real opportunity to support and guide this new generation of investors who are willing to put their capital on the line to hold businesses accountable in helping to shape a better society and a healthier planet.

Gain further insight by following Jean Case on Twitter and reading her article published in Fortune yesterday, Millennials and Gen Z are a growing force in investing. The market needs to catch up.

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When Madam CJ Walker launched her beauty company in the early 1900s, she likely had no idea the number of women who would follow in her footsteps. Today, Black women are the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs. And Walker’s Legacy, a global platform for professional and entrepreneurial multicultural women, is making sure that number continues to grow.
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