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Think of your big idea, wish, or dream you want to achieve. What’s holding you back from pursuing it? Many people say that the fear of failure is a primary reason they don’t take risks. Instead of avoiding failure, research shows failure is a necessary part of advancing toward success and provides valuable lessons that are central to the learning and improving process.

In 2010, Finnish university students devoted an entire day to sharing stories of failure to push back against the notion that successful people had an easy journey without bumps along the way. The idea was so popular that International Day for Failure is now celebrated annually on October 13th.

You can join in the celebration this weekend by doing things like reading about setbacks of people you admire, trying a difficult recipe, or working on your business plan. Keep trying and when you fail, Be Fearless by applying the lessons learned and allow the experience of overcoming it to energize you and lead to success.

Congrats to Maria Ressa, who is only the 18th woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in its 120-year history. As co-founder of the Philippine news website Rappler, Ressa won the prize for her effort to “safeguard freedom of expression.”
Looking for the Facts on Investing for Impact
For those looking to invest in line with their values, ESG investing can seem awash with confusing or misleading labeling. However, with the right tools, investors can feel confident in their choices.
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Could Adding A Letter To ESG Shine A Brighter Light On Diversity?
Companies with higher rates of gender and racial diversity among their staff and leadership tend to do better financially, which leads investors to want access to diversity data. The data is murky now, but Jean Case shares some ideas on how we can shine a brighter light on diversity.
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More than a Caffeine Boost
Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson launched a Black-owned coffee start-up and, in just three years, reached a seven-figure annual revenue and landed high-profile partnerships with Amazon, Target, Ben & Jerry’s, and even the NBA. Equally impressive — the company donates 5% of total profits to nonprofits supporting kids in underserved communities across the country.
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“You Just Have to Go for It”
Timely words from Iman Abuzeid, co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health: “Raising money as a Black female founder is, of course, challenging. The statistics are kind of stacked against you in many ways.” To counterbalance this reality, Abuzeid sought mentors and applied her skills at fundraising to great success.
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Celebrating International Day of the Girl
We often write that changemakers can be of any age, background, and hometown. Another shining example that anyone can change the world is this round-up of ten young women working to make an impact through their activism.
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What to look out for at COP26
As COP26 kicks off late this month in Glasgow, two mysteries need to be solved: how quickly we can fully transition away from coal and other polluting energy sources and who will be paying for that transition in less-wealthy countries.
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