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A 2019 study identified a massive 95% of millennials are interested in using their investments for good. So, how can we democratize finance to give everyone a chance to make a return AND an impact?

This week our CEO Jean Case explored this topic and more at the Milken Institute's 2021 Global Conference. We want to highlight a particularly fascinating panel Jean took part in with investing leaders Cathie Wood, Orlando Bravo, Jonathan Sokoloff, and Jeff Solomon. A main topic of conversation was how we can use innovation to democratize finance and level the playing field for the next generation of investors.

Jean noted that she’s feeling really optimistic about the future — “When I think about democratizing finance, I think no matter where you come from, you have the same opportunity to access investing like everyone else.”

Watch now and hit reply to let us know what you think!

Here’s a chance to apply for a fellowship today: Echoing Green and Goldman Sachs have come together for the One Million Black Women partnership — $10 billion in direct investment capital and $100 million in philanthropic support to narrow opportunity gaps for Black women.
Foundations Align Investments and Values
Two multibillion-dollar funders, the Ford and McKnight foundations, became the largest foundations yet to publicly align their investments with their missions to fight climate change.
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Investors Look for New Tools for Values-Aligned Investing
There’s a growing desire by the next generation of investors to invest in line with their values. One example of this is Suzen Baraka and Morgan Means’ recently founded company, Seed At The Table. This mission-driven equity crowdfunding platform allows users to invest in BIPOC-owned companies.
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Student Venture Fund to Invest in Underfunded Startups
Emory University students wanted to learn about venture investing, while also addressing the lack of capital invested in Black entrepreneurs. The solution is a new student-run venture capital fund called Peachtree Minority Venture Fund, which received $1 million from the school’s endowment as seed capital.
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Tips to Avoid Founder Burnout
Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, shares three attainable strategies for how leaders can better prioritize their own well-being.
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Corporate Boards are More Diverse, but Gains are Uneven
US public companies added the most diverse slate of new directors on record to their boards over the past year. But the gains were uneven with about half of public-company boards adding no new members and smaller companies lagging behind their bigger counterparts.
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Why the Biggest Risk You Can Take Seems to Involve No Risk At All
Our research for Be Fearless taught us that addressing risk and the possibility of failure is a necessary part of advancing toward success and provides valuable lessons that are central to the learning and improving process.
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