Be Bold, Take Risks

To quote the fearless, path-breaking Sandra Day O’Connor, “It’s not enough to understand; you’ve got to do something.” And “to do something,” requires boldness and the possibility of making mistakes. As much as people may prefer to avoid risk-taking and the discomfort that accompanies it, many of the most rewarding experiences in life are the result of stretching our limits and pushing ourselves to try something new.

Through Erin’s previous professional work and academic research, she saw that inclusive economic empowerment is a key component of creating lasting equality for female entrepreneurs, their families and in the greater community, and she brings her passion for this issue to the Case Foundation. As the Digital Marketing and Communications Associate, Erin brings a knack for creating creative social media content and is responsible for directly engaging with the Case Foundation’s online communities. In addition, she has a significant role in creating online thought leadership in key topic areas such as civic engagement, inclusive entrepreneurship, impact investing, fearless changemaking and social media for social good.

Prior to joining the Marketing and Communications team at the Case Foundation, Erin lead the social media strategy and managed events for the Economic program at Third Way, a DC think tank. Erin graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA degree in Political Science as well as Women’s and Gender Studies. While in college, Erin spent a significant amount of time researching and advocating for gender issues. This included a multi-year research study with data gathered in India and Ghana. She used the data to examine the intersection of local beauty ideals and the marketing of skin lightening products.

In her free time, Erin enjoys playing board games with friends, reading and doing as many DC activities as possible.

“RT @CaseFoundation: It’s always a treat to work at the Case Foundation, but Diggity got an extra special treat today. Happy #InternationalD…”