Be Bold, Take Risks

Edward Everett Hale famously said, "I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do." I am inspired by that statement to obsessively experiment with technology - to do something I ought to do as the man said - and attempt to understand how we can use new innovations and proven technologies to attack our greatest problems and propel our efforts forward.

John Jones is the Vice President of Interactive Strategies at the Case Foundation. John leads technical strategy, interactive campaign development and the digital execution for the Foundation’s programs and movements. He has a passion for technology and finding ways for it to both serve and lead the Foundation’s efforts. A developer by education, you can often find John dissecting new technologies and research to discover what impact it can have. John’s current focus is leading an initiative at the Foundation to embrace the open source community. It is his goal to make releasing open source software a key aspect of every campaign the Foundation undertakes and establish the Case Foundation in the open source community as leaders for philanthropically-oriented projects. Prior to joining The Case Foundation, John was the director of technology at Adfero. There, he lead a development team who produced work for the firm’s private and public sector clients. At Adfero, John grew the development capabilities of the firm from small microsites to enterprise-class builds using technologies such as Drupal and Node.JS. In addition to his work leading the firm’s technical strategy, John also helped shape the long-term vision of the company through his role as a member of the firm’s executive team. John holds a BS from Dickinson College in computer science. In his spare time, he manages a blog, The Initial Commit, that features interviews with members of the open source community. He and his wife Katie reside in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington.

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