Be Bold, Take Risks

As long as I can remember innovation has fascinated me. But it might be the process of innovation that I find the most inspiring. Every successful groundbreaking idea has a narrative that includes a legacy of taking risks, iterating and tinkering with seeming failures.

Louise joined the Case Foundation team in 2007. In her role as Chief of Staff to the CEO, Louise oversees the office of the CEO and advises on strategy across the Case Foundation’s teams and programs. Louise works to ensure shared success and serves as a member of the Foundation’s executive team.

Louise’s ability to find and create solutions, teach and equip people, and communicate effectively has been honed throughout her career. Prior to the Case Foundation, she spent nearly a decade in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors, in entities as varied as a two-person shop to multi-nationals. She credits her time as mountain guide and group facilitator as crucial—though unusual—leadership training. Following her days on the trail, she had the unique opportunity to help run a small management company before working for a large nonprofit, privately held companies, and in the financial services. Louise has been recognized for her achievement in collaboration, and is proud of her decades-long and ongoing commitment to mentor.

Though her accent has been completely diluted from her many moves, Louise is a native Brit and will gladly defend her homeland’s cuisine. She lives in the City of Falls Church with her husband and their four young children. Louise earned a B.A. in History and in French from James Madison University.