Be Bold, Take Risks

As long as I can remember innovation has fascinated me. But it might be the process of innovation that I find the most inspiring. Every successful groundbreaking idea has a narrative that includes a legacy of taking risks, iterating and tinkering with seeming failures.

Louise joined the Case Foundation team in 2007 bringing with her nearly a decade of experience in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors; from a two-person shop to multi-nationals. Louise’s professional background ranges from mountain guiding to wealth management and even running a retreat center property – paintball guns and all. Her diverse CV, strung together with the common thread of equipping people through servant leadership, is just the right blend to help her in her role as Chief of Staff to the CEO, supporting Jean Case and serving on the Foundation’s Senior Team.

Though her accent has been completely diluted from her many moves, Louise is a native Brit and will fiercely defend her homeland’s cuisine. Louise lives in the City of Falls Church with her husband and her brood of four: kindergartener, preschooler and toddler twins. If you’re looking to distract this hyper-tasker, bring up anything related to new technology, the current day’s NPR programming or simply walk by her office with a plate of food (she’s particularly partial to unique dishes or anything chocolate).

Louise holds a B.A. in History and in French from James Madison University and welcomes any occasion to revisit her days as a translator.

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