Reach Beyond Your Bubble

Breaching our comfort zones forces us to grow in unexpected ways; it clears pathways for new ideas and solutions. I welcome opportunities to visit unfamiliar destinations, meet people who enrich my worldview and wrestle with challenges that offer no easy answer. Open-mindedness goes hand-in-hand with collaboration, and collaboration is at the heart of progress.

Sam joined the Case Foundation in 2016 as the Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing. He leads all communications and outreach for the Foundation, bringing to bear his industry savoir faire as well as good old-fashioned hard work to expand the impact of the Foundation’s work. Sam is a communications expert with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of politics, public affairs and advocacy. Leveraging extensive political, business and non-profit communications experience, Sam builds messages that cut through and have a meaningful impact. His career started in U.S. political communications and subsequently expanded to include South America, Africa and Europe. Prior to arriving at the Case Foundation, Sam advised a wide variety of entities on how to brand themselves and communicate effectively with their target audiences. He created award-winning advertisements, developed critical strategic alliances, provided guidance for international negotiators and was a spokesperson and featured expert for prestige television, radio, newspaper, magazine and digital platforms worldwide. Sam graduated from Middlebury College where he majored in political science. He is married to his college sweetheart and they have two sons.

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