Make Failure Matter

As a child, I grew up thinking failure was unacceptable. Now, I'm trying to embrace failure as a learning opportunity and a necessary worry to make sure I'm being bold and ambitious in the work I do.

Sarah joined the Case Foundation 2012 as part of the Social Innovation team. With a background in developing and marketing online tools for nonprofits with, Sarah jumped right into the launch of Be Fearless and the Finding Fearless campaign to identify fearless changemakers around the nation.

As Vice President of Social Innovation at the Case Foundation, Sarah leads the inclusive entrepreneurship movement, which works to create the opportunity for women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color to grow and scale their businesses. Sarah also heads up the Foundation’s Be Fearless campaign to encourage more innovation and risk taking in the nonprofit sector. Sarah has a particular interest in issues such as technology for social good and prizes and challenges.

Previously, Sarah worked in Nonprofit Services at and in health education at La Clinica del Pueblo in Washington DC. Originally from Wisconsin, Sarah earned a bachelor of arts in sociology and Spanish from Luther College. She has spent time working with Latin American immigrants to the United States, particularly in the areas of culturally competent education and healthcare. When not working to make the world a better place, Sarah can usually be found experimenting with gluten-free baking or singing her heart out in a local chorus.

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