The Case Foundation seeks proposals for an audit of its digital presence. This audit is to include website, social, email, and search channels along with recommendations for new channels and formats/mediums to explore. The findings of this audit will serve as the core of the foundation’s overall digital strategy, and this audit will be the guiding document for a redesign of foundation’s website. (This RFP is not asking for website build proposals to be included.)

Key Contacts

About the Case Foundation

The Case Foundation, created by digital pioneers Jean and Steve Case, is a diverse and dynamic institution by design. We create programs and invest in people and organizations that embrace the Be Fearless principles and harness the best impulses of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and collaboration to drive exponential impact. In particular, we focus on catalyzing movements and collaborating to bring forward ideas that have transformative potential and can lead us to uncover new, more impactful ways of addressing chronic social challenges.

RFP Timeline

  • Sept 10: RFP released
  • Sept 16 – Oct 1: Case Foundation team available for questions via email or phone call
  • Oct 4: RFP closed
  • Oct 16: Finalists notified
  • Oct 21 – Nov 1: Finalists present at Case Foundation offices
  • Nov 14 – Nov 20: Potential follow up conversations with finalists
  • Nov 22: Work awarded


$80,000 – $90,000

Scope of Work

Respondents are encouraged to present a methodology and a scope they feel best reflect their unique approach and value for this work, but, overall, the foundation asks that proposals accommodate the following as a baseline:

  • A definitive project timeline with delivery in no more than three months
  • Includes an audit of the following channels:
  • Includes the following process elements:
    • Discovery phase conducted with Case Foundation internal stakeholders
    • Additional work sessions as necessary with Case Foundation stakeholders
    • Final presentation of findings to Case Foundation internal stakeholders
  • Includes the following high-level analysis and recommendations:
    • Digital ecosystem map and analysis that explores how audiences interact with and move between all digital properties related to the Foundation and Jean Case, including regular placements on un-owned channels (ie, Forbes and Business Insider columns)
    • Competitive and comparative analysis of other philanthropic organizations and other organizations working in similar issue areas
    • Assessment of internal processes and practices with regard to digital communication activities
    • High-level, strategic timeline for the next 18 – 24 months
    • High-level trends in digital communications that could impact Case Foundation and Jean Case-related digital presence
    • Recommendations on internal processes and staffing based on channel and high-level recommendations
  • Includes the following channel-level analysis and recommendations:
    • Assessment and recommendations per each channel:
      • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of current condition
      • Audience personas
      • Recommended performance indicators/KPIs
      • Tactical and/or strategic recommendations to build on positive elements of channel
      • Tactical and/or strategic recommendations for improvement on negative elements of channel
      • Digital accessibility
    • Website-specific assessment and recommendations:
      • All general channel assessments and recommendations
      • Website crawl for broken links and pages
      • Information architecture recommendations
    • Email-specific assessment and recommendations:
      • All general channel assessments and recommendations
      • List health and segmentation
      • Subscriber acquisition