Forward Thinking Podcast with Jean Case

Our CEO Jean Case recently sat down with Dori Kreiger of Foundation Source for her podcast, Forward Thinking, which explores the future of philanthropy through conversations with creative minds transforming the sector.

In this podcast segment, Jean explains her entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy and how the Be Fearless principles have guided the work of the Case Foundation. “I don’t know anyone working in philanthropy that says, ‘you know what, we’ve got it; it’s perfect, we are having exactly the impact we set out to want to have,’” says Jean. “I think it is a journey and we are all trying to become as good as we can be, and have as much impact as we can.” As she talks with Dori, Jean shares her own journey as a philanthropist and how she hopes to inspire other practitioners and changemakers to take risks, be bold and fail forward in pursuit of greater impact.

To listen to the full podcast on the Foundation Source website, click here.