We strive to Be Fearless in our approach to social change. We don’t limit ourselves to any one sector or issue, rather we partner across industries and search across issues to identify opportunities where innovation is needed to address an urgent challenge. We find and fund efforts that break down barriers and divisions, challenge the status quo and offer new solutions to ever-evolving problems, all in pursuit of one bold mission – investing in people and ideas that can change the world.

Our Movements

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We believe there is a powerful economic opportunity to seize by providing the resources necessary for entrepreneurs from all races, places and genders to succeed. By bringing a more diverse set of innovators to the table to drive high-growth startups, we see the potential to accelerate economic growth in the United States. To accomplish this goal, we work to build onramps to funding, networking, mentoring and media coverage for women and entrepreneurs of color. This is not only good for entrepreneurship, it is good for the American economy.

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Impact Investing

We believe that impact investing is revolutionizing the way we put investment dollars to work by aligning the pursuit of profit and purpose. We work to push the growing impact investing movement forward to ensure that financial instruments that intentionally generate both financial and social returns move into the mainstream. As the field grows, our work is focused on providing access to information that the movement needs to attract capital from traditional players and expand onramps to those looking to start their Impact Investing journey.

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Strategies for Change

Throughout our history, we have found that three key pillars support all the Foundation’s efforts to drive social change: revolutionizing philanthropy, unleashing entrepreneurship and igniting civic engagement. These pillars encapsulate our three main areas of interest and are core strategies that we deploy across our movements to activate change.

We believe real impact can be made when we deploy these three strategies and these continue to guide our activities and our collaborations with partners as we work to uncover new, more impactful ways of addressing chronic social challenges.

Our work generally falls into three pillars: Revolutionizing Philanthropy, Unleashing Entrepreneurship and Igniting Civic Engagement. The interplay among the three pillars is at the heart of everything we do and where we believe real impact can be made to improve the human condition, reduce social and economic inequalities that erode the social fabric and build partnerships and communities that ground peaceful and prosperous nations.


For nearly two decades, the Case Foundation – along with our partners – has led a series of initiatives that aim to tap into innovative new models, make the best use of technology, harness entrepreneurial approaches and facilitate collaboration across sectors to address urgent social challenges. Along the way, we’ve committed to sharing what we’ve learned – both successes and failures alike – with the hope of providing useful insights to fellow changemakers as they seek to strengthen their work and increase their impact.