Too often, we let fear or complacency keep us from pursuing audacious ideas that could make a real impact. Be Fearless highlights 5 principles that help organizations and individuals bring about transformational change. We have spoken to thousands of organizations and people, profiled dozens of fearless changemakers and developed a suite of resources and tools to inspire people from all walks to set audacious goals, act urgently and boldly, experiment, take risks, be willing to strike unlikely alliances and accept the possibility of failure while pressing forward. In short, to Be Fearless.

How We Work

Finding Fearless

It’s time to ignite a more fearless approach to innovate and bring about transformational breakthroughs—one that requires taking risks, being bold and failing forward—and it starts with YOU. Finding Fearless is searching for stories of changemakers big and small—stories that bring the Be Fearless principles to life. How are you changing the world? Or how has an organization or someone else’s Be Fearless journey inspired you? Submit your favorite fearless story at

Be Fearless Hub

Learn more about the five values of a fearless approach to social change, check out our updated Be Fearless Framework for Action, and read case studies on fearless organizations.


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