Five Key Ways Social Good Organizations can Engage with Millennials on Facebook

This post was written by Meg Rulli on behalf of the Case Foundation:

One of the many benefits to being a social enterprise is that the powerful work you’re doing is incredibly interesting to others – and others want to get involved.

This is especially the case when it comes to your organization connecting with the Millennial community. According to Deloitte’s third annual Millennial Survey conducted in 2014, 63 percent of Millennials donate to charities, 43 percent actively volunteer or are a member of a community organization and 52 percent have signed petitions.

And do you know where those Millenials spend a ton of time? The answer is online—engaging with others and with content on various social networking platforms such as Facebook.

How can you best connect with this passionate community when it comes to your strategy for Facebook marketing?

I’ve highlighted five simple tips you can use to ensure your organization’s reach within the Millennial community is maximized on Facebook. For even more Facebook marketing tips and case studies for social enterprises, you can download the free Facebook chapter from my book, Get Social – The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good.

Five Key Ways for Social Good Organizations to Engage with Millennials on Facebook

1. Use photo heavy content for visual storytelling – Visual content is the most popular content to share on Facebook, so use this social network as a place to share your story and stir emotions in the millennial community. Let your work shine on your Facebook page through photos with inspiring quotes, photos of your local events, photos of employees at the office, and photos of your volunteers collaborating with your organization. For even more reach on your Facebook posts, be sure to tag people in pictures, which will bring visibility to your organization through these individuals’ personal networks.

2. Share emotionally moving statistics and information – Millenials want to be apart of initiatives that create change and improve the world. Entice them to rally behind your organization with powerful statistics and information related to your organization. To go along with this, share news on Facebook about celebrities and influential leaders rallying behind similar causes to your own.

3. Connect your Instagram and Vine accounts to your Facebook page and cross promote – While Facebook is still a huge social media platform for Millennials, social networks such as Instagram and Vine are big for younger generations. Be sure to have a social media presence on these platforms (if your audience is located there) and connect your content on Instagram and Vine on your Facebook page. This is an easy way to share even more visual content on your page and will help you bring your Facebook fans over to these other social networks.

4. Share your events and community outreach initiatives on your page (as well as local events related to your cause) – When it comes to helping social organizations, Millennials want to be in the trenches. They are excited to get out and engage with their favorite organizations and causes. Take advantage of their social butterfly tendencies and leverage your Facebook page to share fun events hosted by your organization and related community outreach initiatives in your local area.

5. Gamify your Facebook page – Millennials are competitive and are always looking for fun ways to rally with their friends around their passions. Harness this energy by creating contests to advertise on your Facebook page (i.e., contests for fundraising efforts), poll your audience in your status updates, host giveaways on your page… Get creative and make sure you Facebook page ENGAGES your audience.

Your turn: What tips do you have for connecting with your millennial audience on Facebook? We’re always looking for suggestions from our community, so please share with us on Twitter!

For more pro tips and case studies on how to connect with Millennials on Facebook, be sure to download the free Facebook chapter from Get Social – The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good.

Meg is the Co-Founder of ModMark Group – a marketing and PR agency working with social good companies to grow their communities and expand their global impact. “Carpe diem” is her favorite cliche and motto. Meg is a high-energy girl living in Portland, OR, that loves traveling, being active, spending time outdoors and eating (A LOT)!