How Your Nonprofit Can Get More Out of LinkedIn

Chances are your LinkedIn profile is focused on your resume and headshot, but if you’re reading this and love social good as much as we do, then you may want to check out LinkedIn’s new social good capabilities. The site has become a gathering place for influencers to discuss, learn and connect with old friends, trusted colleagues and new business connections. In the past year, LinkedIn has rolled out a number of new features that make the site a useful platform for nonprofits to engage their current supporters and identify new ones.

The first new feature is a “Volunteers & Causes” section of a member’s profile. This allows users to showcase what causes they have volunteered for and the ways that they would be interested in getting more involved (i.e. offering pro bono work and serving on boards). Not only does this allow your connections to see what you are passionate about, it shows future employers that you are an engaged citizen and well-rounded candidate – setting you apart from others. In fact, one out of five hiring managers has hired a candidate because of their volunteer experiences. The graphic below (provided by LinkedIn) shows how easy it is to add this information to your profile.
VC Field One pager

As we near the end of Pro Bono Week 2013, take the opportunity to update your LinkedIn profile with your recent service, just like over a million members have already done.

In addition, nonprofits can capitalize on the opportunity to set up a LinkedIn Board Member Connect profile (BMC) – a method to help you find talented people that are passionate about your cause and want to take their involvement to the next level. BMC exists to seamlessly bring nonprofits and individuals together not only to find potential board members, but to share best practices in governance, and ideas for running effective nonprofit boards.
Board Member Connect overview

So if you haven’t already, be sure to take a fresh look at LinkedIn for these new opportunities to connect with potential supporters and engage in new ways.


The White House Celebrates Corporate Pro Bono Service with A Billion + Change

On June 27, the Case Foundation was pleased to join our fellow leadership committee members at the White House along with other corporate, government, and nonprofit leaders who are creating social change through skills-based volunteerism. We were part of a celebration and a challenge issued by A Billion + Change, a national campaign to mobilize billions of dollars of pro bono and skills-based volunteer services from the business community to nonprofits.

More than half of the 200 companies that have pledged to create or expand skills-based volunteering programs joined us to talk about how far corporations have come in the past 10 years or so in enabling their employees to donate their skills, and not just their time, to nonprofits. We talked about not only the benefits to companies’ nonprofit partners, but also to their employees and to their bottom line.

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama and the Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, opened the forum and said that companies participating in A Billion + Change were a model for others driving positive social change around the world. Her comments were echoed later in the day by Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, and by Billion + Change Honorary Chairman Senator Mark Warner, who said that at a time when nonprofits are facing decreased revenues and more work, pro bono from corporations is increasingly vital.

The sentiments from leaders in the public sector were matched by those in the private sector. Our CEO Jean Case led a panel with leaders from Deloitte, the Ritz-Carlton, Capital One, COTTON7, and Golin Harris to talk about the business benefits of supporting employee pro bono. Across the board, each of the panelists said that his employees and his company received at least as much value from nonprofit partners as was provided. Pro bono was characterized as a win-win-win proposition for companies, employees, and nonprofits.

We have come a long way since Jean Case helped to start A Billion + Change in 2008 when she was a member of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. So far, we are proud to announce that more than 200 companies have pledged over $1.8 billion and nearly 12 million hours worth of time and talent to nonprofits.

But, we still have a way to go to reach our goal. We are seeking a total of 500 companies willing to pledge their best business skills and talents to build the capacity of nonprofits at home and around the world. Together, we will inspire the largest commitment of corporate pro bono service in history so that one day, skills-based volunteering will be the ‘new normal’ in every workplace.

To join us in the pro bono movement, visit and make a pledge.

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