Join the movement to redefine who is and can be an entrepreneur.

America’s startup culture tells us that anyone can bring forward the next big idea. Yet, all too often women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color are left on the sidelines. It’s time to change the narrative of how we talk about entrepreneurs in American culture. It’s time to break down the stereotypes of who can be an entrepreneur and correct the outdated myths of what an entrepreneur can look like.

To address these barriers, the Case Foundation launched our first-ever #FacesofFounders campaign in the fall of 2016. The effort, a centerpiece of the Foundation’s inclusive entrepreneur movement, invited entrepreneurs — particularly women founders and entrepreneurs of color — to share their photos and stories of entrepreneurship on or on Twitter using #FacesofFounders. Launched at the White House’s South by South Lawn festival, in partnership with Blackstone Charitable Foundation, Google for Entrepreneurs and UBS, along with Fast Company, #FacesofFounders seeks out and lifts up America’s dynamic entrepreneurs who are key to driving innovation and job growth. The winners of the crowdsourced contest, who were reviewed by our panel of forty guest judges, were selected because they are bridging innovation and commitment to inclusiveness. Learn more about the featured stories on Fast Company!

We celebrate the five winners in their own right, but also for the light they shine on the tremendous talent and excitement that the #FacesofFounders campaign surfaced. Nearly 4,000 people uploaded a photo and selected a filter showing what entrepreneurship means to them and nearly 750 founders took the time to thoughtfully and passionately tell us the story of their entrepreneurship journey — with entries from 42 states, 63 percent of whom were women entrepreneurs and 63 percent of whom were entrepreneurs of color. And entrepreneurs building businesses across a multitude of sectors — from retail, technology, arts, health and finance industries, among others.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the movement for a more inclusive approach to entrepreneurship! Founders like these are proof points that innovative, successful businesses are built across the nation, by entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Together, we are changing the narrative of who is and can be an entrepreneur.