From the earliest days of the Case Foundation and our work in the digital divide, we have been keenly aware of the difference in access and opportunity that communities face in this country and around the world.

All around us we see individuals, businesses and communities solving problems, improving lives and expanding prosperity, yet hurdles to economic security and employment confront too many and grave global challenges still persist.

Our efforts to support entrepreneurs and the role they play in driving innovation and job growth in the US and around the world have certainly been rewarding. But in the past year, we began to ask ourselves whether the full potential of entrepreneurial talent is being put to work on pressing local, national and global problems. And, in particular, how the playing field can be leveled for underrepresented communities—including women and people of color—to become entrepreneurs and grow thriving businesses.

We are committed to expanding our support for inclusive entrepreneurship, building upon a learning base started this year through partnerships with Forward Cities and Opportunity Nation. We will explore partnerships and programs that aim to reduce common barriers to entrepreneurship faced by diverse entrepreneurs, and scale local pilots into national programs serving women and entrepreneurs of color.

Entrepreneurs will continue to drive the jobs and innovations necessary to grow economies, strengthen communities and solve intractable problems. The strongest and most resilient economies will be those that figure out how to create robust startup ecosystems in all parts and for all people of their country, including those that are currently under-represented.

Myth of the Entrepreneur

Today, when you look at the most highly celebrated entrepreneurs—or look at how entrepreneurs are depicted in pop culture—it’s not exactly a picture of diversity. And typically the story of the entrepreneur casts main characters that appear to be singularly heroic, toiling away in garages and labs until, suddenly, a Eureka Moment! We believe this isn’t the reality faced by entrepreneurs, but rather how our culture is promoting a false vision of entrepreneurship. We must very intentionally examine, and change, the stories we tell.

We aim to help change this narrative by launching a new blog series called The Myth of the Entrepreneur. Through this series we will take a critical look at the common stories told in startup culture. It’s time to reboot and re-focus the narrative on entrepreneurship, and create a message of inspiration and aspiration grounded in inclusivity.

We hope you will join us on this journey—offer up your thoughts, inspiration and new era entrepreneurs you admire on Twitter using the hashtag #Ent4All.

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