The Millennial generation is a tech savvy, entrepreneurial, educated and independent-minded cohort that is driven to “do good.”

They are actively reshaping advocacy, engagement, service and philanthropy on a scale that has never before been experienced. As a result, traditional models of engagement, movement building and measurement are evolving to keep pace with their new ideals. To realize the full potential of this generation and ultimately achieve greater impact and sustainable results, we must challenge one another to rethink how we engage, communicate and collaborate with the younger generation.

To increase the effectiveness of this next generation of changemakers and to influence the institutions that engage with them, the Foundation is facilitating critical research, dialogue and convenings across sectors. Since 2009, the Case Foundation has supported the Millennial Impact Project, a platform through which feedback was collected from nearly 75,000 Millennials. This effort has resulted in a pivotal series of studies exploring how this generation connects, gives and gets involved with the issues they care about. The research is complemented by the Foundation’s continued sponsorship of MCON, an annual gathering that brings together cross-sector leaders to explore new strategies and insights in Millennial engagement.

The Foundation’s focus on the next generation began in 2008 with a five-year experiment called “Social Citizens.” Designed to spark dialogue and new forms of engagement with this unique generation—that at the time did not yet exist between Millennials and the social sector—the program helped to define not only the Foundation’s work, but also cross-sector efforts to explore the impact of the next generation.

The Millennial
Impact Project

Millennial Engagement

Since 2009, Achieve, in partnership with the Case Foundation, has studied the Millennial generation (born from 1980-2000), their engagement with causes and their preferences for involvement and culture in the workplace. Over 50,000 professionals have downloaded or used research from The Millennial Impact Project since the first report in 2009, and this research has been featured and referenced in hundreds of publications. The 2016 Millennial Impact Report uses a survey conducted in three phases, over the course of the Presidential election year, to look specifically at how politics may influence Millennial engagement with social causes. The complete report will be release in early 2017.

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