Achieve, in partnership with the Case Foundation, released a five-year retrospective on the Millennial Impact Project. From 2011 to 2016, the Millennial Impact Project has aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of millennial interests, engagements and motivations as they relate to causes, whether it’s by giving, volunteering, social media sharing, activism, employment or voting in a national election. The qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection applied reveal a socially-conscious generation that is passionate, well-informed and poised to engage when they care about an issue.

The report has surveyed more than 75,000 millennials (born 1980 to 2000) to date, providing new insights into how the generation activates and engages with the causes they care about.  

Download the Millennial Impact Report: 5 Year Look Back

Six new new trends about the millennial generation’s engagement with causes are shared in this special report.

  • FINDING 1: Intrinsic passion for a cause is what inspires millennials to act charitably.
  • FINDING 2: Millennials volunteered and gave charitably in modest amounts to multiple nonprofits.
  • FINDING 3: Older and female millennials give more financial support than young and male millennials.
  • FINDING 4: Peer-to-peer engagement, including that which occurs in the workplace, is a critical influence on and vehicle through which millennials charitably give and volunteer.
  • FINDING 5: Opportunities to use and develop skills are prime motivators for philanthropic engagement by millennials.
  • FINDING 6: Millennials primarily use digital technology like websites, social media, mobile platforms and applications to access information about and donate to causes and nonprofits, yet each platform plays a distinct role.