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WHOwe are

Created in 1997 by digital pioneers Jean and Steve Case, the Case Foundation invests in people and ideas that can change the world.

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WHATwe do

We create and fund innovative and collaborative solutions for urgent social challenges.

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WHYwe do it

We believe more fearless approaches are needed to address urgent social challenges.

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our WORK

Catalyzing Movements

We take a Be Fearless approach to catalyze movements that drive transformational change. Currently, we are driving at the following two: Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing.

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Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We believe there is a powerful economic opportunity to seize by providing the resources necessary for entrepreneurs from all races, places and genders to succeed.

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Impact Investing

We believe that impact investing is revolutionizing the way we put investment dollars to work by aligning the pursuit of profit and purpose.

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