Open source is an essential tool for the tech community, providing open and accessible platforms for accomplishing everything from building websites to artificial intelligence. Yet the drivers behind open source are often individuals, and their commitments of time, energy and inspiration are truly an act of personal philanthropy; many players in the movement do it on their own time. 

 We talked about how open source can accelerate social good last month in SSIR, and increasingly, open source is critical for nonprofits and individuals who may not have the funds to build out software from scratch or license expensive and cumbersome enterprise software. 

 At the Case Foundation, we’re committed to contributing to the open source community and recognizing others who are doing so too. These 18 people have made a personal commitment to sharing their digital work with the online community. Learn more about them and how you can follow their work on Twitter below. 

  Name                   Twitter Handle                     Bio
Alolita Sharma
Software Engineering, Open Source, Open Standards, Language Technologies i18n/NLP/ML/AI, Women In Tech At:@AWSCloud Boards:@Unicode,@SFLCin
Andrew Means
Head of the #philanthropy beyond @Uptake; Founder – @theimpactlab & Data Analysts for Social Good @da4sg ; Invested in @City_Fields
Angela Byron
Herder of cats. @Drupal core committer. Director of Community Development for @Acquia. @OReillyMedia author. Mom. Lesbionic Ace. Nerd. Gamer. INTJ.
Ben Balter
Attorney, open source developer, Product Manager working on Community and Safety at @GitHub. Previously @WhiteHouse Presidential @InnovFellows.
Christopher Fabian
UNICEF ventures lead. co-founded our innovation unit. advise on open-source overlaps of tech, design, development, start-ups, and academia. our team is awesome
Daniel Berg
IBM Distinguished Engineer delivering cloud native solutions focusing on microservices, containers, and DevOps practices. Opinions are my own.
David Stoline
Avid reader. Occasional cyclist. Well rounded geek. Former @POTUS44 tech lead. @drupalsecurity team member
Erica Kochi
co-leads (and co-founded) UNICEF Innovation, TIME100 most influential, mobiles in emerging markets, epicurean, extreme sports enthusiast
Erie Meyer
America’s foremost technologist named after a Great Lake. Now @CodeforAmerica! Co-founder @techladymafia + @usds. Former @harvard @whitehouse @cfpb.
James Kurczodyna
Director of Technology at @wearefine and creator of Fae. #webdev #ruby #js #rctid
Jeff Walpole
CEO @phase2. Board @DrupalAssoc. Leader in #opensource. Following #omnichannel #cms, #ux, #drupal, #collaboration #leadership #opengov #ai,
Jessica Bell
Developer with @WapoEngineering. Chair of @DCACM. Leadership with @DCtechmeetup, @DCFemTech. JavaScript, SASS, cat gifs, and comics. My opinions are my own
Jessica Lord
Node.js @MongoDB, previously @GitHub, @CodeforAmerica and @BostonPlans // I saw all the Vermeers!
Joshua S Campbell
Geographer, PhD. Founder @sandhillgeo & @MapGive, Council @AmericanGeo. Fmr @StateHIU & @GFDRR. Geospatial, Open Source, Design, Product. Views mine.
Michael D. Johnson
Chief Operating Officer @freeCodeCamp
Rikki Endsley
A little bit country, a little bit punk rock & roll.  community manager, tech journalist, runner
Sage Sharp
Diversity & inclusion consultant at @ottertechllc. @outreachy organizer. Explorer of the kyriarchy. Hufflepuff.
Shannon Turner
Founder @hearmecode: free beginner-friendly coding classes for 3000 women in DC | Full-stack developer | Portfolio at  | Views mine