This post was written by Corrie Frasier on behalf of the Case Foundation:

+SocialGood is a global community of innovators, social entrepreneurs and thought leaders united around a shared vision: That today’s connected generation can leverage technology and new media to help create a better world.

A powerful community of more than 25,000 members, fans and followers from 148 countries, +SocialGood creates a space for discussing today’s biggest problems and their most promising solutions. These are people who don’t view their work as operating within a silo. Rather, they want to work together across sectors on the biggest global issues of our time.

Here are some of the ways +SocialGood is working to change the conversation:

1. Setting the vision for #2030Now At last year’s Social Good Summit, more than 5 million people, representing citizens from over 150 countries, joined a global conversation around social good, technology and the world we want to see in 2030.

Throughout the year +SocialGood and its partners have continued the conversation around #2030Now, extending a three-day event into a 365-day dialogue.

  • Independently organized +SocialGood meetups have taken place nearly every week over the last 12 months, in locations from Austin, Texas, to Abuja Nigeria.
  • Social media rallies like MDG500 garnered global support for the millennium development goals, including conversations from Nigeria, India and Brazil.
  • More than 60,000 people have dug event deeper into the work through the Social Good Summit’s online “How to Change the World.” This ongoing global engagement signals a deep commitment to, and passion for, building a better future for the world.

2. Opening up the discussion Some of the world’s most important conversations have also been the least accessible. Throughout the year the +SocialGood Community worked to ensure more voices are heard.

From the World Health Assembly in Geneva to the SXSW conference in Austin, +SocialGood used technology to connect people all over the world to these once-exclusive meetings and to deliver the perspectives of the community directly to world leaders. For example, You + Davos +SocialGood crowdsourced priorities from the +SocialGood community and delivered them to high-level attendees at the World Economic Forum.

3. Sharing what we’ve learned Progress happens when we collaborate, share best practices and synthesize learnings. Over the last year, the community has put a premium on providing a space for collaboration to happen organically, reporting back on what the community is learning. India +SocialGood brought together the technology and development communities in India and linked them to the +SocialGood communities around the world. Whether it’s connecting communities of innovators offline during events or digitally on the online platform, this kind of collaboration is essential.

4. Building the community with +SocialGood leaders When we started +SocialGood, we sought out a group of leaders who could help us to grow the community. We looked for innovators with a broad diversity of perspectives, and who were dedicated to collaborating together as they tackled global issues in their own communities.

This June, +SocialGood Connectors and Advisors gathered in Washington, DC from 18 different countries to learn from each other, share best practices, and plan for the year ahead.

The conversations in Washington sparked new ideas and new collaborations. Together, their work will help to shape the future of +SocialGood.

Since its beginning in May 2013, +SocialGood has engaged millions in conversations around technology and social good. But the movement has only just begun. Become a member and join the conversation today.