MCON14, the Millennial Engagement Conference hosted by Achieve and sponsored by the Case Foundation, reached a new milestone this month with the completion of a two-day convening in Chicago that continues to shape the social sector’s understanding of the next generation.

More than 40 leaders from the media, corporate and nonprofit space took the stage to share their advice on how to embrace the Millennial generation in the workplace and through cause work.

Here are some of our favorite insights from the gathering:

Millennial Engagement Network for Good Tweet

Millennial Engagement Susan McPherson Tweet

Millennial Engagement Case Foundation Tweet

Millennial Engagement Benevolent Tweet

Millennial Engagement Derrick Feldmann Tweet

Looking for some tips and best practices that offer a little more detail? Check out these thought pieces highlighting findings from the Millennial Impact Project:

The Business of Doing Good: How Millennials Are Changing The Corporate Sector By Jean Case in Forbes

Millennials and the Social Sector: What’s Next By Derrick Feldmann and Emily Yu in SSIR

Want to Attract Millennials to Your Company? Engage Them in Causes By Ariel Schwartz in Fast Co

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