This post was written by Jenny Lawson of the Points of Light Corporate Institute on behalf of the Case Foundation:

Over the past two years, we’ve seen more than 500 companies pledge $2 billion in pro bono services to nonprofits through the national A Billion + Change campaign.

Pledge companies are inspiring others to lend their time and talent to nonprofits through the powerful business and social impact that pro bono offers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so to celebrate Pro Bono week, we’ve partnered with A Billion + Change to release an infographic showcasing the broad social impact and business value the pledge companies are generating.

So, for Pro Bono Week, why don’t you join us in celebrating the scale of pro bono around the world and the new innovations that are emerging? How can you lead the change through pro bono?

We invite you to read the recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article on the “three trends in creative collaborations that are leading to larger-scale success” authored by Jenny Lawson and Kate Ahern.

A Billion + Change Infographic