Over the past decade, the Impact Investing movement has grown in extraordinary ways. We have seen investors and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds stepping up their commitment to bridge profit and purpose and embracing Impact Investing. In 2017 alone, the Ford Foundation committed $1bn from its endowment, TPG’s Rise Fund surpassed its $1.5bn fundraising target, and the world’s largest pension fund, JPIF, allocated over 1 trillion yen to socially responsible investments.

The pivotal milestones that have led us to where we are today wouldn’t have been possible without the group of innovators who came together in 2007 to formalize the term “Impact Investing.”

To celebrate 10 years of growth in the field, and to highlight these key milestones, we put together an interactive timeline. The timeline looks back at the last decade of growth in Impact Investing, and spotlights the many pioneers who jumped in and propelled it forward.

The moments captured on this timeline are just some of the activities that have helped to shape the ecosystem we have today, but they bring to light the importance of distinct actions that have pushed the field forward and created opportunities for others.

Take a look at the timeline below.

We hope this interactive timeline gives those within the sector an opportunity to reflect on our shared growth. For those who haven’t jumped in yet, we hope it shows the promise of the field as we work towards a future where Impact Investing is the norm.