This post was written by Chris Fowler on behalf of the Case Foundation:

I’ve worked with or at the Case Foundation for more than five years now. And for the past six months, I’ve had the honor of being the Foundation’s Director of Marketing and Partnerships. During that time, we’ve strengthened our partnership with Startup America, continued our support of non-profits taking an entrepreneurial approach to their work, and made a commitment to Be Fearless. Roll all those things together and you’ve got a pretty compelling narrative.

Startups + entrepreneurship + Be Fearless.

I’ll admit it. I’ve caught the bug. And that’s why in early April, I will join a former colleague at a DC-based, digital and mobile design startup.

To be frank, I have some fear about becoming an entrepreneur. Fear that I’ve missed my window for such a thing at the ripe age of 34. But maybe that’s not quite right. The Founder Institute has research that shows the average age of a founder is 34.4 years. And the Wall Street Journal puts me in the majority of entrepreneurs-the 86% of whom are 39 or younger. Maybe instead of being fearful, I should accept that this is all happening just in time.

I’ve learned an important lesson going through this process: When faced with this-or any-fear, you can find the strength and courage to work through it. Those things that help you break through may not always come from the same place. They may come from your personal experiences and research, or from external sources like supportive friends, family or mentors. But it’s important to find “it”, to Be Fearless and make things happen.

So, while I have all the natural fears and anxiety about starting something new, I am more excited about our potential, and for the opportunity to build and grow a business with a great colleague and collaborator.

I’m ready for this.

I’ve committed to Be Fearless.