The Case Foundation and magazine, in partnership with ImpactAlpha launched a series titled, “Profiles of Impact” in an effort to spotlight the growing number of social enterprises that deliver both financial and social returns. The proliferation of impact investing opportunities has sparked a burgeoning movement with great potential. Every Tuesday we will feature new companies and funds providing profits with a purpose in fresh and innovative ways. These entities are paving the way for a market that is more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

This week, features Ecologic, whose mission is to create a more sustainable world through better packaging choices. In the face of staggering statistics, “71% of today’s plastic milk and laundry bottles are sent to landfills where they sit for centuries.” Julie Corbett, founder of Ecologic, is driven by the belief that consumers deserved a better, more ecologically sustainable option. Corbett and her team are expanding Ecologic to help diminish the amount of waste created by the production and disposal of plastic bottles and containers in communities around the world.

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